Saturday 17 December 2016

The Emperor of Mankind: WIP #1

My Thunder Warriors have to have a big impressive centrepiece, someone to lead them who can count as Logan Grimnar or Abaddon or a Demon Prince. So armed with a power fist, a power sword, and a big bolter... The person who led the Thunder Warriors, obviously, was the Emperor. GW hasn't made a model for the Big Man, and none of the 3rd party models can be used at GW events, so I really wanted a suitable GW model to convert. For a while I flirted with using one of the Primarchs, then I remembered Inquisitor, the GW 54mm game. Captain Artemis was a possibility, he's a good Space Marine to base things off, but ultimately I ended up falling in love with the mixture of elaborate detail and brutal power that Witchhunter Tyrus has. This is the Emperor a few centuries before the classic GW paintings, the Emperor when he was unifying Terra not leading the Great Crusade or facing down Horus.

The model isn't ideal. In particular his powerclaw is on the wrong side, and his armour is bulkier than the conventional depictions. But I like him, and he's definitely coming together. Obviously there's still lots more to do. He needs a sword, a head, a stormbolter on his powerclaw, and of course a cloak... But he's getting there! I'm particularly happy with the old Empire (Freeguild?) flying eagle on his shoulder-shield. The heads on his knee and shoulder come from Historex Agents (and one of them will be the basis for his head).

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